BEcome Net Zero

Effective action towards a low carbon future

This supported programme of change enables your business to achieve its Net Zero goals.

As Net Zero consultants, we’ll audit your business, value your current carbon footprint then work with you to successfully implement your carbon reduction plan.

We go deeper than simply quantifying your carbon footprint. We partner with your business to embed strategies, change cultures and communicate your commitment in the fight against climate change.

All our work certifies your progress towards the future Net Zero Standard, aligned with the UNFCCC Race to Zero and provides branded, bespoke documentation to support your green policy.

Balanced Energy makes it easy to become the sustainable business you want to be.

What is it?

This is a sustainability plan designed for action.  You’ll get an interactive, targeted programme that progresses your Net Zero goals and delivers results.

Quarterly reporting, specific KPIs aligned to your personal strategy and built in accountability ensures everyone in your business plays their part in achieving a low carbon future.

Progress is measured in real-time data via an analytical dashboard each quarter, delivered alongside a detailed plan of action and provided with ongoing support and change management.

Finally, we provide branded documentation which can be used directly to support your green policy in your marketing or on your website – and to back a tender process or bid.  These documents demonstrate your compliance with mandatory Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting carbon reporting (BEgin Net Zero) and the government’s PPN06/21 carbon reduction plans (BEcome Net Zero).

Who’s it for?

BEcome Net Zero is ideal for more ambitious organisations in need of targeted, actionable plan that demonstrates a clear pathway to Net Zero.

It’s also a good next step for SMEs who are struggling to achieve traction on sustainability recommendations in their annual certification.

What are the benefits?

Your business will be able to demonstrate progress towards a realistic and effective green agenda with a targeted carbon reduction campaign which results in Net Zero.  

You’ll find you can:

  • Use the transparency of data provided to back up sustainability claims
  • Offer an antidote to greenwashing – by proving your actions are making a difference
  • Realise economic gains whilst reducing carbon footprint
  • Demonstrably improved sustainability
  • Become market-leading in action on climate change

It goes without saying that this effective net zero strategy will also:

  • Boost CSR or ESG credentials
  • Mitigate future risks associated with climate change such as policy changes or carbon taxes

Demonstrate your Future Net Zero Standard Accreditation

How does it work?

The audit process itself is designed to be as quick and easy to complete as possible.  The report is entirely data driven so we’ll send you a survey with the information we need – you can either fill this in, or simply send us the raw data.

Our methodology is based on the UNFCCC meta-criteria known as the Four Ps: Pledge, Plan, Proceed and Publish.

You’ll receive a report with a measure of your current carbon footprint under the GHG Protocol Framework alongside a target led strategy for your company to achieve a realistic reduction in emissions in the short, medium and long term.

We’ll talk you through this plan and work with you to implement each stage.  We’ll regroup over quarterly reports, measuring progress as we execute the plan.  All progress is verified, accredited and certified by The Future Net Zero Standard, allowing you to share accredited success with stakeholders.

Interested to find out more?

We’re not just consultants – we can also help you practically by procuring renewable energy tariffs, carbon offsetting or installing onsite solar generation. 

“We have trust in Harry and Ashley, and look forward to working closely with them for energy procurement in future, and are excited to explore further opportunities to work with them to fulfil our energy goals and commitments.”

Chris Davis
Finance & Operations Project Analyst at The Barden Corporation