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Access UK generated renewable energy

Switching to a renewable energy supplier is a simple way to take a big step towards Net Zero.

Buying renewable power eliminates the whole of your Scope 2 carbon footprint and it’s the one thing you can easily control.

We’ve partnered with a number of trusted suppliers offering 100% clean UK generated energy and with our negotiating power, we can secure you a great deal.

The best price - all of the time

With years of experience under our belts, we understand the complexities of the UK energy market.  The current energy crisis has plunged us into a rollercoaster of availability and pricing but expert knowledge makes all the difference.

We’ve created a brand new concept for energy purchasing – enabling companies to access affordable green energy and take advantage of falls in wholesale prices as soon as they happen.

Talk to us about our flexible purchasing model and we’ll tell you how to opt in.  Once you’ve set a risk profile, we’ll proactively monitor the market and offer dynamic pricing at a guaranteed maximum cost, on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Contribute to the decarbonisation of the UK

The suppliers we recommend offer genuine, certified renewable energy, backed by UK assets.  

In recent years, greenwashing practices in the UK energy sector has meant that some companies are misleading customers about their green credentials, by simply reselling renewable power generated overseas.

Part of the purpose of a net zero agenda is to invest in the decarbonisation of our own energy sector by using green generation assets.  You can be sure that we’ve done the due diligence to ensure our providers are selling sustainable energy that’s 100% UK produced.

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Karen Friendship
Managing Director of Alderman Tooling Ltd