Our story

Our vision is clear. To make it easy for businesses of all sizes to contribute towards the future of our planet.

Our aim is to change the way businesses use and purchase their energy. Through innovation and technology to support a flexible, smarter more sustainable energy landscape.  


All this built on our core principles of sustainability, transparency and people.

At our core we want to help people save time, energy and money.

We support our clients in achieving their objectives by first understanding you and your business and then looking at ways to help your business in both cost and carbon.

Our team has over 22 years experience in the energy industry and is led by our director's Ashley Webber and Harry Stannett.


Ashley has worked in the industry for many years in various roles at a major energy supplier and within the consultant sector. Harry has spent his whole career in the energy sector after graduating University in 2016.

This has given us the platform to deliver a balanced methodology driven by our core values, ensuring we can provide our clients with the right solution from supplier to service.


 I feel some businesses think they’re too small to contribute or too small to make a difference, in terms of climate change – I think that’s wrong, I think no matter who you are, no matter what you do, no matter what business you’re in, you can have a positive impact on this planet.

Ashley Webber


Our ethos is on creating long standing partnerships with our clients, using an honest and transparent approach.

Harry Stannett


Harry Stannett - Balanced Energy.JPG

Our purpose