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No business is perfect and sometimes it’s not possible to remove or avoid all carbon emissions generated by your company.  Common barriers are the cost of investment or a lack of a practical low carbon solution, with technology and infrastructure often not supporting green ambitions.

Whilst carbon offsetting is a legal requirement for heavy industry, there’s a growing movement of voluntary investment in projects which help reduce greenhouse gases in other ways.

Done right, in harmony with a robust reduction plan, this is an ideal way to balance unavoidable carbon emissions within your business by supporting ways to help the planet thrive. 

We can help you invest in projects which hold real value in effective carbon offsetting.

How to buy meaningful carbon credits

Due diligence is key when it comes to choosing the right offsetting project.

We’ve forensically investigated the value and ethics of every scheme we recommend, so you can be sure your money is well spent.

Unlike renewable energy generation, it’s not always best to invest on home turf.  That’s because climate change is a global issue so the areas most in need are often overseas.  Supporting the maintenance and reforestation of essential rainforests, for instance, is of more value to the planet than planting trees in the UK.

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Making sure your investment counts

Approved projects are issued VCUs (Verified Carbon Units) which are tracked via global registers.  When a business buys a VCU it should be struck off the register and registered under your company’s name for a year.

However, there are many platforms online which sell carbon credits that aren’t properly tracked, and aren’t unique to you.

We help you find legitimate, impactful projects where your VCUs are tracked and matched to your exact carbon footprint, resulting in accredited certification of your offsetting investment.

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“Ashley’s knowledge and understanding has allowed us to apply a sensible collaborative achievable approach, the value of which is evidenced within our continued positive reduction in CO2e.”

Ian Mincher
U.K. Group Health & Safety Manager at AGA Rangemaster