BE Informed


Prepare for Net Zero with the knowledge you need for success

To progress on your path to Net Zero, it’s essential to equip yourself with the tools and the knowledge to achieve results.

At Balanced Energy we can help you BE Informed in two ways: providing insight into the energy efficiency of your premises educating your team about Carbon Literacy.

A Commercial EPC will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses that already exist in the fabric and operation of your business, whilst also providing advice on how to improve efficiency. This also satisfies any legal requirement for an ESOS Audit.

Our Carbon Literacy training course increases team awareness of carbon usage and empowers them to take climate action to reduce emissions.

The easy way to audit your commercial buildings

Up to 10,000 UK businesses are affected by the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) – a mandatory order to file a detailed report on energy usage every four years. You’ll need to if:

  • You have more than 250 employees
  • An annual turnover exceeding £44m and a balance sheet over £38m.

Even if you’re not required to audit your premises, a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate is an essential part of any carbon reduction policy.

We’re qualified Non Domestic Energy Assessors (NDEAs) and carry out onside inspections of commercial buildings. During the assessment we’ll collect information on things such as building age, number of floors, size of rooms, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

It’s a completely non-invasive inspection and results in a report which details your current energy performance, generates a legally valid Commercial EPC and advises on ways to improve energy efficiency.

Empower your staff to support your Net Zero goals

We’re certified trainers for the internationally recognised Carbon Literacy Project, providing a qualification recognised by the UN. It means we can help raise awareness of carbon use and reduction in your organisation – making it easier for teams to reduce emissions and support your Net Zero target.

The course will support you to find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint, to understand your role in your company’s Carbon Reduction plan and teach you how to act and influence others.

The course is the equivalent of 8 hours CPD training, including completion of a personal and corporate pledge by each attendee. You’ll receive full course materials and certification.

“The report that Balanced Energy presented to us was comprehensive but easily understood and allowed us to identify clear, strategic goals across all three scoped areas of measurement.”

Terry Harris
Head of Estates at Taunton School