We are living through a global crisis. Our planet is warming and the warming is accelerating, causing extreme changes to our climate.

If we do not act now, the consequences will be catastrophic.


There is an expectation that private sector organisations of all sizes will play their part in reducing emissions to net zero.  “The Paris Agreement” to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees means that a significant number of large organisations are now making commitments that are aligned with this.

However 95% of the business community is made up of SME’s who don’t have the budget to undertake large campaigns and make large investments in addressing their carbon emissions.

This is why we have created Balanced Energy NET ZEROsupported by our technology partners, Future Net Zero Standard and CBN Expert to help SME’s get started on the journey to Net Zero. 

By partnering with Balanced Energy and adopting the Future Net Zero  Standard, you will enable your business to:

  • Measure your carbon footprint in an easy, timely way.

  • Monthly reporting and comparisons against your previous months carbon footprint.

  • Certify and benchmark your carbon footprint, assuring you and your customers that your pledge is verified.

  • Be aligned with the UN Race to Zero, which shows your business is united in meeting the goals set out in the Paris Agreement

  • Highlight the opportunities for you to go net zero (and potentially save money) – green energy, energy/carbon reduction, green transport.

  • Share with your customers, proving you are a credible, sustainable business.

  • Publicise your carbon footprint so your employees, customers and stakeholders can see the difference you are making in the fight against climate change.



Our expert advisors will manage your entire journey, alongside the CBN dashboard we will implement our 4 step plan.


1) Measure - Once we input your data the dashboard will calculate your benchmark carbon footprint. This is your starting point.


2) Plan - We track your performance against your benchmark, giving us insight to create a plan and set targets to reduce your carbon and consumption. 


3) Reduce - We work together to execute the plan, exploring different ways to cut your carbon and consumption.

4) Accredit - All progress is verified, accredited and certified by The Future Net Zero Standard 

Please get in touch with one of our team to discuss how you can get started on your Net Zero Journey, demonstrating your commitment in the fight against climate change.